UC Boulder Collections

This collection is comprised of one hundred archaeology & paleontology specimens from the Rocky Mountain & Southwest regions, including baskets, moccasins, animal figurines, game pieces, jewelry, tools, & other everyday objects from the Freemont, Clovis, & Ancestral Puebloan cultures as well as a selection of vertebrate, invertebrate & track paleontology specimens from the Mesozoic through the Cenozoic Eras (250 Ma – present). The materials represent an array of UCMNH's holdings & complement the educational objectives of their classroom kits. Each object is available in 3 different views: images, a movie clip in three dimensions, & downloadable 3D print files for use with 3D printers. This project is a collaboration between the University of Colorado Boulder's Museum of Natural History, University Libraries, & the Colorado State Library. This program was funded in part with a grant from the Institute of Museum & Library Services which administers the Library Services & Technology Act.