Detail View: Ira Wolff Photographic History Collection: Irish Carte De Visite Album

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Ira Wolff Photographic History Collection
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The Ira Wolff Photographic History Collection consists of approximately 7,000 original photographs and 7,000 publications, largely from the nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. As a whole, the collection traces the invention of photography, the scientific and technical components of its development, the history of photomechanical printing, vernacular photographic practices, and the medium's role in social and cultural documentation. The digitized portion of the collection focuses exclusively on private photographic albums ranging from cartes-de-visite albums to travel albums.
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photograph albums
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cartes-de-visite (card photographs)
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Irish Carte De Visite Album
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University of Colorado Boulder Special Collections Department
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albumen process
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60 Cartes (59 from life) in 9 x 12 1/4 in fine dec. leather album. a.e.g. Irish patriots + hand-colored natives of Pau. C.1865. Includes Irish revolutionaries O'Mahoney, O'Leary, Doran, Col. Kelly, O'Donovan Rossa, McCafferty, Roantree, Kickham.
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Irish Carte De Visite Album