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Demonstration of audio modulation
00:00 Narrator explains the audio is a demonstration of the audio modulation contained on various types of radar echoes such as the revolving propellers of aircrafts; 00:33 Various sounds of moving propellers can be heard on the recording; 01:42 Single Boeing B-17 can be heard flying in the recording; 02:40 Sound of a helicopter executing circles 2 miles from the radar; 03:46 Narrator talks about the echo box in relation to the helicopter. Sounds from the helicopter continue to record; 04:47 Narrator talks about modulation and antenna beams. Another sound appears, similar to static; 07:28 Narrator talks about signal ranges and stormy conditions present during some the recordings. An example is played; 8:10 Narrator talks about a doppler wheel and plays an example of a recording; 09:58 Narrator talks about the experimentation of removing and adding power to the doppler wheel and plays an example recording; 10:53 Narrator talks about the recording for an AT-11 aircraft and chaff dispensing system and then plays an example recording; 12:38 Narrator plays another recording of the AT-11; 13:29 Narrator talks about the sounds produced in the absence of pilots and plays an example recording; 14:05 Narrator talks about the doppler return from automobile traffic and plays a recording; 14:42 Narrator plays an audio modulation for heavy surf; 15:17 Recording cuts out and ends.
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Propellers, Aerial
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Sound -- Recording and reproducing
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Brakhage, Stan
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[Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997]
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