Detail View: J. Raymond Brackett Photograph Collection: Pres. Baker's Den (face)

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J. Raymond Brackett, Photographs and Negatives, 1890-1915
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photographic print
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Pres. Baker's Den (face)
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Brackett, J. Raymond
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Photography -- Boulder (Colo.)
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University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries. Archives Dept.
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Book 5, 23-2
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photographic paper
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This Is the famous picture of President James H. Baker which appears on pg. 76 of Glory Colorado. I cannot place the location. It probably is not in Old Main since there are no chimneys located so as to support a fireplace in this location. The president is seated in a heavy carved wooden leather covered chair. He has on a dark coat and vest with lighter colored trousers with no cuffs. His shoes are high top ankle shoes with laces and hooks. He has on a four-in-hand tie with a wrinkled turned up collar. He has a large ring band on the little finger of his left hand and in his right hand he holds his pince-nez glasses. An open book is in his lap. He looks much like his picture at retirement (1914) on pg. 148 of Glory Colorado. On his desk are books, with pieces of paper marking places in the books. A lamp with a twisted wire cord and metal shade is on the table. A screw socket adapter is on the desk. At the left is a square stand that has piles of paper and a large dictionary and a potted plant is on top. Racks of this type would sometimes rotate like a Lazy Susan. His book shelves are filled with several series of like volumes as well as individual books. A few titles can be made out Last Days of Pompeii," "Letters of a Self-Made ______ to His Son ," Joseph Vance" and below one can see the name of the French author "Zola." On the bookcase are two vases, reproductions of paintings and a photo of the Venus de Milo. At the left one can see that a tufted curtain has been drawn to one side to give us this marvelous glimpse of President James H. Baker. This picture is practically identical to 23-7-
[President Baker's Den]
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Pres. Baker's Den (face)
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Bartlett, Albert A. and Kupfner, George, The glass plate negatives of Prof. J. Raymond Brackett (1854-1922) showing scenes of the University of Colorado from 1890 to 1915
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digital image