Detail View: J. Raymond Brackett Photograph Collection: Shoemaker's Room - Dunham's

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J. Raymond Brackett, Photographs and Negatives, 1890-1915
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photographic print
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Shoemaker's Room - Dunham's
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Brackett, J. Raymond
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Photography -- Boulder (Colo.)
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Old Main
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University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries. Archives Dept.
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Book 3, 14-5
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photographic paper
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What the picture shows is a Greek classroom with wall maps. Two teardrop electric lights in massive brass sockets are dangling from old twisted cord. The material written on the left board is a paraphrase or quote from Plato's "Apology of Socrates", "Socrates commits injustice by not believing in the gods in whom the City believes and moreover he commits injustice by importing new divinities and by corrupting young people." On the right board is a quotation or paraphrase, probably from Xenophon, "But I am on the side of the gods and good men." The map in the center of the board shows the "Route of the Ten Thousand," and "Menon's Route into Cilicia" with distances given in "English Miles", "Greek Stadia", and "Persian Parasangs". This refers to the Expedition of the Ten Thousand which Xenophon describes in the Anabasis and the six maps across the top of the board describe military actions in this campaign against the Persians. The chair arms seem to be covered with carved initials and messages but they have no inkwells. There seems to be a slat missing in the front of the desk. The wooden floor has rather generous cracks and the paneling below the blackboards seems to be cracked and irregular. A grille for a radiator is behind the desk. The writing surfaces of the boards are cracked as though they were a composition surface rather than slate. There is a thermometer attached to the left board in the upper left hand corner, and there is a pull-down device (probably a projection screen) at the left. The door at left has a white porcelain door┬Čknob. The rectangular opening below the board at the left is a puzzle. It might be a hot air register - with the grille missing - with the short rope handle controlling a damper. The table on which the camera was mounted was apparently placed on top of the chairs - and is visible in the foreground. This picture appears in 14-6 so it was probably taken in the winter of 1892-1893 or earlier. It is hard to place this in Old Main. Vertical wood wainscoting does not appear elsewhere in Main except possibly in the basement. It looks old and the floors look old - so it probably can't be Hale or Woodbury.
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Shoemaker's Room - Dunham's
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Bartlett, Albert A. and Kupfner, George, The glass plate negatives of Prof. J. Raymond Brackett (1854-1922) showing scenes of the University of Colorado from 1890 to 2012
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digital image