Detail View: J. Raymond Brackett Photograph Collection: Hale from S.E. Ramaley

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J. Raymond Brackett, Photographs and Negatives, 1890-1915
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photographic print
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Hale from S.E. Ramaley
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Brackett, J. Raymond
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Photography -- Boulder (Colo.)
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Hale Science
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University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries. Archives Dept.
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Book 2, 12-5
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photographic paper
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Shows Hale before 1910. Man standing and woman seated in foreground. Man may be Ramaley (Francis) of Biology. At this time the main entrance to Hale was on the north, not on the side shown here. A small stone shed-like building is visible here near where the present main entrance has been constructed. The first-class roof construction is visible here with metal caps and ventilators along the roof ridges. The square vertical metal "sticks" on the two near gable peaks are puzzling. Short ones appear on the N.S. roof ridges with the distant one having a protective cap. Quite a complex of wires run to the building. A kinked heavy pair run from the left to the lower insulators just above the tree top at the center. From here two wires drop at a steep angle to the stone shed and two run down along the building, out of site behind the tree. Two also run up the side of the building to another pair of insulators mounted on a wood block and then go on up to insulators beside the top floor window. From the upper block two small wires go out of the picture to the left. Two wires, one smaller than the other, run to the left from insulators by the right hand roof gable. Two wires cross the near end of the building but we can't see where they go. 12-6 shows them going past the building. Probably taken the same day as 12-7.
Hale Mrs (or Miss?) Kalene
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Hale from East Dadds (?)
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Hale from S.E. Ramaley
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Bartlett, Albert A. and Kupfner, George, The glass plate negatives of Prof. J. Raymond Brackett (1854-1922) showing scenes of the University of Colorado from 1890 to 1973
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digital image