Detail View: J. Raymond Brackett Photograph Collection: Athletic Field

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J. Raymond Brackett, Photographs and Negatives, 1890-1915
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photographic print
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Athletic Field
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Brackett, J. Raymond
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Photography -- Boulder (Colo.)
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Power House
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Woodbury Arts and Sciences
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Chemistry Building
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Temporary Building No. 1
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Gamble Athletic Field
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University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries. Archives Dept.
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Book 1, 2-2
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photographic paper
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This negative has chemical stains. The view is taken looking north down the length of Gamble Field while a track meet is in progress. It is similar to 2-7. The west stands on the left are partially full and the east stands on the right are not crowded. Many people have umbrellas as protection from the sun. Some letters are crudely painted on the boards at the front of the west stands. It looks as though it says "POOR OLD SOPHS SOPHS 05". At the center of the field the high jump is set at about five feet, a few hurdles are standing around the track but not much other activity is visible. The roof of the medical building and Old Main can be seen behind the west stands. Clearly visible is the early 1898 part of Chemistry but the 1906 Chemistry addition has not been built. Between the stands and Chemistry are some white tents. Woodbury Hall is not visible and is apparently hidden behind Chemistry. Several people are watching events from the windows of Chemistry. This chemistry building was razed in the summer of 1972. To the right is the gymnasium and behind it one can see only the smokestack of the power plant associated with the College of Engineering building. Through the backstop and over the heads of people one can see the University hospital which, in 19 73, is "Temporary Building No. 1".
Athletic Field grandstand
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Athletic Field
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Bartlett, Albert A. and Kupfner, George, The glass plate negatives of Prof. J. Raymond Brackett (1854-1922) showing scenes of the University of Colorado from 1890 to 1924
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digital image