Detail View: Bent-Hyde Papers: Gen. Robert Mitchell's camps; confusion on placement of Indian camps

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Bent-Hyde Papers, 1905-1918
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The collection consists of original maps of Indian and military positions of such areas as Sand Creek, the Arkansas River, etc., and correspondence between George Bent and George Hyde, covering the years 1905-1918.
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Gen. Robert Mitchell's camps; confusion on placement of Indian camps
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Bent, George, 1843-1918
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Hyde, George E., 1882-1968
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On this map I marked Col. Mitchell's camps, and sent it to Bent to get him to mark the Indian camp at the time of Mitchell's march. He seems to have been in doubt and did not mark the camp but told me they were on Cherry Cr, and he seemed in doubt as to where Cherry creek really was. I think it was on the S. Fork Republican where he usually marks it, but that the Indians had left that camp and moved north to White Butte Cr, and this was how Mitchell's cavalry failed to find the hostile camp. He says they were on Cherry Cr when they burnt Julesberg and a few days later moved north to White Butte Cr. Mitchell left the Platte after the burning of Julesberg, and that makes if very probable the Indians were on White Butte when he combed the Republican for them. Bent has marked on this map Bitter Lake cr on Medicine Lake Cr. I think this is where the Cheyenne fight with Sumner occurred, 1857--no: that was a place of the same name but on the Solomon. He also marks where the Delawares were killed in 1844 names of Sappa and Beaver Crs. This is v. important. Write Bent again. This does not clear it up, as he marks Cherry Creek, where the big camp was, at a dif. place on another map--he on that map makes it a small n. trib. of the S. Republican, that location would explain why Mitchell missed the Indians, but on the other hand it would make the Indian march from camp to Julesberg about 100 ms. (Doesn't Bent say that the march took two days?) If Cherry cr was where he marks it on this map, how did Mitchell miss the camp on that cr? But he says his scouts found great signs of recent Indian camps, doesn't he? Could Bent be right and the Indian camp where he puts it on this map, and could they have left for a northern march just before Mitchell came along? Compare dates, distances, etc, and write Bent again.
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Cheyenne Indians--History--Sources
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Indians of North America--Colorado--Maps
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Cheyenne Indians--Wars, 1864
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Colorado--History--To 1876--Maps
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Drawing of Gen. Robert Mitchell's camps depicting placement of Indian camps.
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sketch maps
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University of Colorado Boulder Libraries Rare and Distinctive Collections
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Box 1 Folder 6
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