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Leah Novick Collection
The Peaceful Maccabee
Novick, Léah
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Moving image
Filmed performances
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1 VHS tape; color, sound (optical, multichannel); 01:03:34
presentations (communicative events)
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Bible plays
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Performance with Leah, and possibly her students, who each portray influential Jewish women throughout history.
00:00 [Cataloger’s note: voices are quiet throughout]. A violinist plays a song while Leah walks in front of a congregation dressed as ‘“Shamash “Shlom-Zion ha Malkah” Queen Salome Alexandra 1st century, B. C. E. Maccabean ruler of Israel.”’ Leah talks to a small group of people near the front as she continues to speak in character; 08:05 A new scene starts titled “The Talmud teaches us”; 09:51 A woman plays the character of ‘”Namnah “Bat Ha Levi” of Baghdad, 12th century Persian Torah scholar and teacher.”’ A group of women dance on stage in their costumes; 11:06 Scene changes to show three young women in character facing a menorah. A new character appears with the title, “Rebbetzin Dulcie of Worms, 12th century Franco-German, martyred community leader.”; 14:35 Another character appears ‘”Osnath Barazani, “Rabbanit Mizrachi” 16th century Kurdistani Yeshiva Administrator.”’; 19:34 Scene changes to show another character, “Sarah Bat Tovim 18th century Eastern European liturgist and author.”; 26:00 Scene changes to another character, ‘“Soreh Bezalel, Late 18th century European “Woman of Valor.”’; 37:52 Scene changes to the next character, “Penina Moise, Early 19th century Sephardic-American poet.”; 46:00 Scene changes to another character, “Rachel Luzzatto-Morpurgo, 19th century Italian mystic and poet.”; 52: 30 Scene changes to show ‘“Malkele die Triskerin” 19th century Easter European Chasidic Rebbe.”’; 01:00:15 Two women sing a song at the end of the performance. Credits roll across the screen.
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Jewish women
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Women--Social conditions
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Salome Alexandra, 139 B.C.-67 B.C.
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University of Colorado Boulder Libraries Rare and Distinctive Collections
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reformatted digital
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