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Ann Roy Collection
Three Queens
Roy, Ann, 1926-2006
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Moving image
color films (visual works)
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Circa 1971
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1 film reel (8mm); color, 10:04
Super 8
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Amateur films
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Experimental films
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Title from film container. Three women pose on a chaise lounge in a living room, one as a lion with a mirrored sun on her forehead, Ann Roy in a snake skinned suit, and a woman in black, sometimes veiled, holding a jeweled sword. They hold up mirrors and peacock feathers. Reel also includes footage of the woman preparing their shots and costumes, and pans across artwork and decorative objects in the room, some by artist William Rabon. Later, they are joined by two men and two boys. In the end, Ann Roy holds up a hand mirror to reveal the camera operator, and a toilet flushes.
00:00 Camera pans around a room showing various knickknacks on a shelf and the walls such as a peacock feather, candelabras, and posters; 00:50 A girl dressed as a lion smiles into the camera. She holds a peacock feather and has a small, sun-shaped mirror attached to her forehead; 01:31 Scene changes to show a close-up view of a painting. The camera pans over to Ann Roy holding peacock feathers while the girl in the lion outfit is laying on a red couch. There is another woman wearing a black dress and holding a sword with a handle that looks like a golden cross. She is sitting on the far end of the sofa as well; 04:00 The woman holding the peacock feathers is now sitting on the floor and using a feather to tickle the foot of the woman wearing all black. Eventually a boy with a mirror arrives and delivers the hand mirror to the woman with the feathers. She hands the mirror over to the girl wearing the lion outfit and the woman in the black dress; 05:57 The woman wearing the black dress is now seated in another chair and wearing a white veil. She pulls the sword out of its sheath and raises it in the air; 06:35 Close-up of a wolf mask with grapes hanging out of the mouth. A group of men and women pose with flags and peace signs in a living room. The woman dressed as the lion sits in the middle of the group; 07:55 The three women act out a new scene with the white veil and the hand mirror; 09:00 The camera focuses on an image of an older man. The image slowly appears in the mirror on the wall. The scene changes back to Ann Roy utilizing the mirror; 09:37 The camera zooms in on the painting that was shown at the beginning of the film. There is text at the bottom of the painting that reads, “God is a mother!” Film ends.
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Segement sequence
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Rabon, William
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Roy, Ann, 1926-2006
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University of Colorado Boulder Libraries Rare and Distinctive Collections
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Sisters of Mercy/3 Queens
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