Detail View: Ira Current Collection: Current review no. 9: Presenting Kenney Buck in "Buck Kenney Grows Up"

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Ira Current
Current review no. 9: Presenting Kenney Buck in "Buck Kenney Grows Up"
Current, Ira B.
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Current, Ira B.;Photographer
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Moving Image
Amateur films
silent films
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[New York]
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1 film reel (19min., 2sec.)
black-and-white film (film, material)
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16mm (photographic film size)
Photographer, Norma Semter and Ira Current. Reel contains a collection of home movie clips from the 1930s featuring a young boy, presumably the son of Norma Semter. Scenes include a baby crawling in a living room and playing with buttons on a radio; mother and father leaving the house with the baby and lots of baby supplies; using a swing and eating ice cream with the father on a beach; using a tricycle on a snowy street while a man takes photos; with his mother by a lake; and playing outside in a field. An extended sequence titled "Wolfe' goes for an airing" shows the boy and his parents walking a small puppy on a leash on a snow street. Reel also includes a sequence titled "A quiet evening with Norma Semtner, Pearl Swart, and Gertrude Kornbeck" where women sit in a living room, chatting, writing letters, and reading books and magazines. Reel shot at 16 fps.
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Segment sequence
00:00:00 Opening credits. 00:00:15 Title card reads “Born at an early age, young Kenney quickly learns to get around –” The scene changes to a young boy crawling around the living room and playing with toys. He also plays with the dials on the radio. 00:03:05 Title card reads “Off to Grandma’s for dinner --" A family walks outside of the house and into the snow towards the car. 00:03:56 Title card reads “A swim in Seneca Lake --.“ Kenney is pushed on a swing next to Seneca Lake. The mother and child also play in the water. 00:06:02 The little boy plays outside on the sidewalk with a ball. A man carries three ice cream cones and gives one to the boy; Title card reads “A little trouble with a chair –.” The scene changes to show the little boy sitting in an armchair in a living room. He repeatedly sits and stands in the chair. 00:08:30 Kenney rides a tricycle down the sidewalk. The scene changes to show the boy standing on a rocky shoreline as he throws rocks into the water; Title card reads “’Wolfe’ goes for an airing—." The scene changes to show a puppy on a leash in the snow. The little boy is pulled by the dog down the sidewalk. 00:12:49 Kenney runs to a window and presses his face on the glass. He walks outside with gardening tools and proceeds to dig in the grass and dirt. He also pulls out a tobacco pipe and pretends to smoke from it; Title card reads “-_To be continued in next episodes, to be shown on this screen next month.” Another title card appears and reads “and now—Current review lets you in on a quiet evening with: Norma Semtner, Pearl Swart, Gertrude Kornbeck.” The scene changes to show two women smoking and talking in the living room. They also look at a magazine. Later, all three women are shown reading books and writing letters. 00:17:17 A man sits in an armchair and fiddles with a camera. One of the women sit on the armrest and watch what he is doing with the camera. 00:18:35 At the end of the film the women might be working on making an apple pie in the kitchen. 00:19:02 End of recording.
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Families--Social life and customs
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Subject Topic: 
Women--Social conditions
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Boys--Conduct of life
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Semtner, Norma
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Semtner, Kenney Buck
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Twentieth century
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University of Colorado Boulder Libraries Rare and Distinctive Collections
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