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Chan Centre for the Performing Arts
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General view of the lobby, looking east, showing the outer wall of the oval auditorium
Bing Thom Architects (Canadian architectural firm, founded 1980)
site: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cultural Context: 
Style Period: 
Modernist; Modern
Work Type 1: 
concert hall
Work Type 2: 
theater (building)
concrete; zinc
construction (assembling)
Performing arts; interior; auditorium
"The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts fits snugly against the north-edge slope of the University of British Columbia, next to the rose gardens. Designed as a series of cylindrical shapes and curving in a sophisticated simplicity of detail, the Centre is sleek. Its soft grey tones are complemented by luminous panels of zinc attached diagonally across the outside curves of the concert hall. *** Although it perches before the vast expanse of Howe Sound, framed by the rugged North Shore mountains, you can't see the view for the trees. That is because the architect, Bing Thom, had it his way. *** "Some of the planners at the university said, 'Well, the most important part of the site is the view. Chop down all of the trees,'" Thom recalled of the earliest stages of his work on the Centre. "I said, 'No, no, no. The most important part of the site is the trees, because when you have a performance at night there are no views. Everything is dark, whereas if you light the forest, you will then appreciate the forest.
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